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In 2010, a paranormal enthusiast and a blogger named Fiona Broome claimed she remembered watching a news coverage of Nelson Mandela’s tragic death in a South African prison during the 1980s. Nelson Mandela was officially still alive in 2010, but when Broome shared her thoughts with others, many of them claimed to have same detailed memories of the funeral taking place in the 80s. That gave birth to a theory known as the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is a theory of parallel universes based on the idea that large groups of people have been found to have similar alternative memories about past events. Advocates of the theory claim that the fabric of our universe was disrupted by an alternative reality. 

New York, 2035. One of the world’s leading scientists, an innovator Damian Agner makes a discovery that our world doesn’t exist since 1980. He discovers that the continuum of our universe was disrupted by a collision with other universes similar to ours. During that collision a number of parallel universes got blend together which caused some of them to eventually disappear. Agner sees the Mandela Effect as reality and becomes obsessed with the idea of alternative worlds creating his own “Theory Of Flaw”. However his research is not met with public approval. He gets judged and exiled by the media, everyone doubts his mental health. With his teleportation lab facing bankruptcy, surrounded only by a small group of his students and close friends, Agner finally succeeds in engineering a prototype that teleports his team to an alternative world. He and his students quickly build bridges between various universes. They warp between different versions on New York City smuggling ideas, technology and innovations, drugs, weapons and people back and forth between worlds creating the most powerful multiverse syndicate ever known. Greed and ambition make Agner feel almost equal to God. But something goes unplanned, one last mistake triggers a plague that starts eating a world after a world.


  • Name of the Universe: Theory Of Flaw
  • References: Blade Runner, Interstellar, The Matrix, Sliders, Quantum Break, Billions, Cyberpunk 2077, Butterfly Effect, Ghost In The Shell, Iron Man.
  • Genres Range: Mystery/Science Fiction, Action-Adventure, Criminal Drama
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5000 years in the future. After years of The Great Interstellar War a powerful Union of 4 nations dominates the explored galaxy, each with it’s unique codex, culture, religion and technologies. A hero named Ta’ahn finds himself on the border of unexplored galaxies, as a war prisoner, with no memory of himself, arriving to a colony on a secret sand-covered planet called Lotos. Unique features of the planet can potentially enhance any living organism present on it making it a matter of great interest to the Union. 

Through great risk and effort Ta’ahn manages to breaks out of the prison with a team of fellow fugitives of different races and abilities. They steal a massive armored truck and escape to the open land of Lotos. The adventure begins with Ta’ahn’s pursuit to unravel the mystery behind his memory loss. The forgotten memories of his past are also connected to phenomena of the planet and the very heart of the Great Interstellar War. 

The universe of Ta’ahn is complex, enriched with cultural features, political intrigues and Sub-Stories within each of its diverse groups and factions that are all tied together in a fragile post-war galactic peace. A visually spectacular trip around a planet covered in white sand with constant sunset skyline, brings it into life.


  • Name of the Universe: Ta’ahn
  • References: Prison Break, Fallout, Mad Max, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Citizen, Dune, Martian, Tron, Mass Effect, Galactic Civilizations
  • Genres Range: Science Fiction, Action-Adventure, RPG, Shooter, Strategy
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Solar System, 2268 AD. MSA (Mechanized Sports Association) hosts its annual blockbuster reality sport show “Exo-Tech”. Thousands of skilled mech pilots across the galactic come to challenge each other at the biggest war machine Championship. There are two levels to the summit: The Campus and The Arena. 

 (1) The Arena - is a collection of various locations where contestants battle each other in a last-man-standing survival. The rules are simple: you land at the arena as with a gun and no equipment, your first task is to reach the area where your mech got dropped off. It’s not an easy trip on which you may encounter hostile wildlife, deadly traps as well as other contestants running to their mechs. Once you’ve reached your Exo-Robot, game changes for you as you now are a powerful killing machine with all the gadgets and modifications that you’ve put into it. The Arena is designed to force contestants into battling each other in many ways. Throughout the contest you fighting on your own and co-op with a up to 4 teammates. And that brings us to Campus with all its networking, management and intrigues serving only one main goal - to get the best players on your team. 

(2) The Campus - is a gigantic management platform where all the pilots can recover, schedule their matches, upgrade their mechs, make deals with each other, promote themselves, juggle club memberships, or earn money by crafting, gambling mini-games, smuggling doping and in various other ways. You arrive to Exo-Tech Campus as a fresh and ambitious pilot. Do you have enough skills to battle and acquire powerful allies that will help you rise as a Champion or will you fall devastated and forgotten?

  • Name of Universe: Exo-Tech
  • References: Players Unknown Battlegrounds, Hunger Games, Exo Squad, Mechwarrior, Battletech, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Robotech, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Motorsport Manager
  • Genres Range: Science Fiction, Action-Adventure, Battle Royal, Shooter, MOBA, Sports, RPG, Arcade/Simulator
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Archipelag is an epic fantasy adventure saga about survival and exploration of a new parallel world. It creates a living and breathing uniqe universe.

An expedition of warriors/settlers was sent through the portal to another realm to discover new lands. The new realm exists by the same laws of nature, yet it’s completely different and unknown. The settlers set up a village and build defences, scout the territory and explore the ways to hunt, craft, forage for food and resist the hostile environment. Suddenly their situation turns desperate after an accident causes the portal to close, disconnecting the expedition from their homeworld and leaving no chance for them to return. Now facing complete extinction on the frontier of a new world that they don't know, their only hope to survive is to take it over. As they fight to rise as a kingdom they will soon discover the footprint left by another group of settlers that once traveled through the portal many years before them. 

The work on universe of Archipelag is ongoing project for last 10 years and is inspired by medieval and ancient historical events and designs esthetics. The latest work on the IP includes the final draft of the novel “Arhipelag: Settlers”.

  • Name of Universe: Arhipelag
  • References Game of Thrones, Warcraft, Vikings, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls
  • Genres Range: Fantasy/Mystery, Survival Action-Adventure, Swords and Magic, RTS/RPG, Hack and Slash, Simulator
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ENEMY OF EVERYONE: the ww2 Story 

Based on actual WW2 chronicles. Joseph Murphy “Jo” is an american soldier left alone in the middle of desperate of USSR wildland under Nazi occupation in the fall of 1941. His group’s task was to secretly deliver a Lend-Lease cargo of US weapons to Soviet’s frontline as a part of a trade deal between US and USSR. But the exchange got ambushed and Jo was the only one to survive. 

He accidentally saves a Russian 17 y.o. partizan girl whose parents were brutally murdered by Nazi soldiers. The American soldier teams up with the stubborn girl to get them both out of the war zone. They cross a land devastated by war, full of dangerous wildlife, burned down villages, desperate locals, guerilla hideouts and Nazi outposts in hopes to survive. 

Developing of this IP relies on actual war documents, soldier biographies, survivor stories, field reports, leader speeches, propaganda leaflets and multiple local war legends.

  • Name of Universe: Enemy Of Everyone
  • References: Last of Us, Tomb Rider, Far Cry, Call of Duty, Bioshock
  • Genres Range: Survival, Action-Adventure, Shooter, RPG, RTS
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Based on DF Pictures’s research data on all existing Superheroes and Villains, its trademark, naming and consumer‘s market analysis. 

 A league of superheroes is gathered to fight mysterious terrorist cult, plotting to induce earthquakes all over Earth in order to awaken the ancient Egyptian evil gods. With support for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) the Superhero League defeats cultists and ancient Egyptian deities, but the captain of the League tragically falls in the battle. The League continue on their mission facing the origin of the evil itself located in the outer space, only to realize that all their actions were a part of a larger scheme orchestrated by traitors within the League. The plotters of the scheme hold the secrets of the League’s captain past and the circumstances of his death. 

The member of the Superhero League can be selected from our research roster, with information on each character’s legal availability, publishing limits, appearances, powers, features and back-story. The unique characteristics of the universe that SHL takes place in are customized based on the final selection of the League members implementing the elements of their homeworlds and backstories.

  • Name of the Universe: Superhero League
  • References: Injustice, Avengers, Justice League, Street Fighter, MK
  • Genres Range: Fighting, RPG, Mystery/Action-Adventure, Sports
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A new fun adventure re-telling Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe” story in a comedically exaggerated way. 

After suffering a shipwreck captain Dook gets stuck on an isolated island of Baliboo with no chance to escape and no one to communicate with... except for the island’s wildlife. The bright hypnotizing colors of Baliboo’s jungle shift Dook’s perception of reality and he suddenly finds his own way of talking with animals and plants of the island, discovering a big tropical fantasy world, that needs to be explored and protected. 

Baliboo is a rich, colorful and fun to play universe of wild nature filled with swamps, fields, mountains and rainforests, inhabited by quirky chatting parrots, dangerous carnivorous plants, dodgy spider monkeys, insidious anacondas and many more. It’s also built to introduce and educate the very young players on the broad variety of different ecosystems and their inhabitants.

  • Name of the Universe: Baliboo
  • References: Angry Birds, Minions, Nemo, Little Big Planet, Ori and the Blind Forest, Trolls, Monster Corporation, Broken Age, Deponia, Simpsons 
  • Genres Range: Animated Fantasy/Adventure, Comedy, Family, Puzzle